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  • Difficult negotiation

    Some negotiation are more difficult than the other. Why? You might be outnumbered, confronted with unfair practice, under time pressure or negotiating with ...

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  • change and polarity management

    Neverending story of the manager life is changing things. How to communicate change to the team? Use the perfect approach of the polarity management.

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  • Individual coaching

    If the usual trainings do not help you to improve it is the right time to think about an individual way. Personal coaching can be the right decision.

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  • Daily motivation for manager

    What motivates and demotivates people in the daily work? How often do you praise somebody? How do you express your critical observation?

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  • Sales activity on a fair trade

    A fair trade is a kind of "world cup tournament". You compete with many others. Your team has to be every day ready to win the awareness of the audience.

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  • proactive manager

    A good manager cannot simply react. he has to be active to form and to influence his environment.


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